Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Birds

I am not a big fan of birds. Well, let me rephrase that...I am not a fan of coming into close contact with birds. They make for great photographic subjects and look cute on stationary and accessories, and I love to watch them from afar and very much enjoy the sounds they make. But generally I don't like to get too close. Maybe I was traumatized by Rio, the pet parrot of my childhood friend who chased me around the house trying to bite me. Or maybe it was the nesting birds on the SFSU campus who would dive bomb our heads trying to protect their nests. Or maybe it was the fear of coming out of the public transportation station and running into a giant pigeon.

Well whatever it is, I had quite an experience last week. I woke up to a loud banging sound coming from the living room. No one else was awake, and the first thing I saw when I went into the living room was soot everywhere surrounding the fireplace. Then when a small bird flew past my head, I realized what the sound was coming from! This little creature had either flown or fallen down the chimney, and was flying into the windows and walls trying to escape. Half asleep and freaked out, I woke up Aunt Lori, and together we shooed the little guy to safety.
I have now saved two birds. The first was a hummingbird at my mom's house last year I rescued from their feline hunter, Boone, you can read that story HERE if you want. It was actually a very touching experience. And now this, maybe I will come around.

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  1. That is so funny Chels, its like they gravitate towards you or something! I am sorry you are scared of birds. I have never been a fan of birds as pets, but i do love them still. One thing I am going to miss about our house when we move is that there is this parrot you can hear in the mornings. He is probably somewhere far into the neighborhood, but you know those things are loud, so you can hear him loud and clear! I dont know why I like him but I do:)


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