Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Five - Bubbles and Blue Skies

♥ Happy Friday to you all! ♥

The weather has been warming every so slightly. Sunny, with clear skies, but still a slight chill in the air. The outdoors seem to call to me when this beautiful...beckoning me to enjoy it.

Last week we were playing with Ella in the backyard.
Blowing bubbles, watching her chase and try to eat them.
I felt like a kid again, in awe of the rainbow of colors bouncing off the glass-like bubbles...
...Watching as the wind carried the bubbles in different direction,
bobbing and swaying like they had their own mind...
...Giddy when the delicate bubbles
somehow managed not to pop when they landed...
...And amazed when I saw a reflection of the house in the bubbles.
Sometimes it feels so good to just act like a kid. Pretend there is nothing to worry about, and just play. It is easy to take life so seriously, but it's the little things that can remind you that you need to allow time to make happy and carefree.

Tell me, what sense of child-like wonder have you come across lately?
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  1. I have been having a wonderful time on the swings!!! My daughter swings with me on my lap and I get that "I'm flying" feeling - and the "rollercoaster stomach!" It brings back so many memories!!!
    Your bubble pictures are magical! I love them all :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend friend,

  2. Absolutely! It's so nice just to sit back and appreciate the little things. :)
    Cute pup, by the way.
    ~Lindsay from Tails to Tell

  3. Bubble pics are so cool, no two ever looks the same! Thats my Chels! You are amazing <3

  4. Gorgeous!! I love your fun bubble photography!

  5. I just love your pictures. Congrats!
    Kisses and God bless u. Happy Easter!!!


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