Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm Back!

You have probably been wondering where I have been the last few weeks! I have so missed my blog, my readers, and catching up on my favorite blogs. For those of you who don't know my story, here is the shortened version. Leukemia at age 12, bone marrow transplant and other various treatments. One of the many complications resulting from the treatment is problems in my knees and hips, and have had 4 knee surgeries. The last knee surgery was June 2008, and instead of being on crutches for 3 months like the previous operations, I was on crutches for a total of 10 months because of problems with too much scar tissue. I then developed chronic back pain, which I have been dealing with ever since. It has been an extremely rough patch, with no doctor able to diagnose the pain and trying every treatment and medication under the sun to no avail. Unable to work, finish school, or even participate in basic activities like going to the movies, sit in a car, or travel became near impossible. Every decision revolved around how it would affect my pain. But a little over a month ago I started aquatic physical therapy. I was a swimmer before I got sick, and have always felt so comfortable in the water. For the first time in years I have a way to get my heart rate going and actually get some exercise, and I have gained some of my muscle tone back. It felt great...until a few weeks ago. Since I have not used any of my muscles the last two years they have all atrophied. I expected to be sore from swimming, and maybe have some increased back pain before improving, but what I did not expect was excruciating pain in my wrists and hands. All the sudden after a few weeks of slowly increasing the amount I was swimming, my wrists and hands were so painful I couldn't do anything...use my phone, grab things, write, use a remote control, anything. So that is why I have been absent from the blogging world for awhile...using my computer has not been an option, even typing this is starting to hurt. It seems for me there is a fine line between getting stronger/rebuilding muscle and excruciating pain, but hoping as I slowly reintroduce the swimming I will see an improvement. But I am back, I have missed all of you, do you have any news? Come back soon, I have a LOT to tell you!! XO


  1. So sorry to hear this! I hope you start to feel better soon because, yes, I have missed your blog! :)

  2. Dude Chels, this is hard core. So now you are blogging again - does that mean the pain has subsided a bit and you are building more muscle in yours arms and hands? I'd love to know how this all works...

  3. Sorry to hear this...glad you are back. Love you.


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