Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Five - Spring

Bright new colors are showing up all around.

:: Hello Spring ::

I love how each day I see a new patch of flower somewhere,
something pretty to look at while driving, something to brighten my day.
I associate each season with different feelings, different mindsets,
different visual memories.
Spring is light and airy, sunny yet chilly, with colors abound.
Spring brings a freshness, a coolness, a newness.
When I see a field of wildflowers I imagine it as a watercolor painting.
A sea of beautiful colors.
Do you have any photos lately that say Springtime to you? Share your link below!
(Click the frog)


  1. After a long cold winter here in Nashville, I am thrilled Spring is here! Your pictures are spectacular!

  2. Hello! I stumbled on your blog via Grow's..I love that place! Your photography is amazing and I absolutely love your story and passion. Maybe I'll see you around!

  3. So beautiful! I love your photography! The bumblebee is my favorite probably because I've been their paparazzi lately trying to get good photos of them. How did you get such a fun angle below him??

  4. Oh my, that bee picture is so amazing!!


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