Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sweet Escape

There is nothing quite like a quick getaway to clear your mind, and make room for new inspiration, new ideas, new paths. A spring cleaning of sorts. Sometimes I feel bogged down in the day to day, and need a little refresh.
While in the desert visiting my grandma, I had the opportunity to meet up with friends I met through the blogging and photography world. Incredibly inspirational and talented, I felt I had known these women forever.
Sharing a passion can spark a lifelong friendship in an instant, and I feel like a passion shared is a passion that grows. I get excited when I meet others who love photography as much as I do, share my desire to seek beauty through my lens, and go to great lengths to get that perfect photo. It deepens my love for all things photography.
Great food, great friends, great conversation, great photo ops, great time. This mini overnight vacation was just what I needed to clear out the dust and get back into the swing of things. Have you had any sweet escapes lately?


  1. Hi Chelsea:

    The pics are awesome!!!
    I do share this passion with you too... and I really hope I can get to know you (in person) someday...

    I've translated so more chapters of my story! It's at
    You just have to look for "once upon a time".

    Kisses and blessings.
    Mirys (from Brazil)

  2. i think i'd like a sweet escape (whoo-hoo... whee-whoo.) even a mini overnight, you're right. can be very cleansing. i miss you! i need to take a sweet escape up to san clemente.

  3. Very pretty photos. I love the way your blue really shines! How fun to get to meet other bloggers, I've never had the chance. Maybe one day?

  4. it was such a pleasure. love these shots chelsea!! so fun to see that lot through your eyes.

  5. I can't wait to do it all over again come Fall. Keeping moving forward Chelsea you are an amazing talent yourself!

  6. Beautiful photos! I just found your blog through Cat at No Wooden Spoons, and I'm so glad I did. :-) You are super talented!

  7. Oh what cool pictures..I love how unique they are!! My retrieve was going to a "Laugh Your Hat's Off" luncheon last Tuesday with my daugher in law!! It was a great time..

  8. i liked the quote "a passion shared is a passion that grows" if im gonna re-post this who should be in credits? i mean just Chelsea or can u tell me your last name? or acronym..


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