Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

♥ Happy Sunday to everyone!! ♥

{1. High Key}
I love the look of a single flower in a tiny vase. Makes me happy. The high key lighting makes it feel so ethereal.

{2. Bedroom}
The light of a lamp at night is so warm and inviting to me. Snuggled in bed reading a book...

{3. Something Tiny}
I love hearts and I love tiny things. This is a little silver heart pin I found that is no bigger than my pinky fingernail.

{4. In the Distance}
This is the Ocean House in Carlsbad, CA. It used to be called Neimans, and it is famous for its Sunday brunch. It is a historical building that is supposedly haunted, and we have been going since I was a kid. I love the Victorian architecture.

{5. Stripes}
Along with the high key, something tiny, this shot was taken at one of my favorite little gift and art stores, Grow Studio in Carlsbad, CA. So much to look at, everything bright and cheery and beautiful.


  1. Your photos always make me happy. The first shot is gorgeous. And I love how the little heart in something tiny just barely stands apart from the rest of the background. Love it!

  2. GREAT shots...just love your high key - beautiful! Something tiny - love the dof :)

  3. Love the little tiny heart (beautiful picture!)...and your high key flower. I like them all, but those two are my favorites.

  4. Your high key photo is gorgeous! Love how bright all of your photos are.

  5. I love all of these shots....really do! The first one of the flower is really ethereal and so lovely.

  6. Your site is beautiful and inspirational. I’m now following you and looking forward to future posts.
    Regards, Mari

  7. I love all of your photos. So beautiful. They make me happy!

  8. Great pictures. I just love the little details about our days too. I´ve written a new post...check it out! Kisses and God bless you.

  9. hey chelsea ... you can make the mess @ grow look good {flower. heart. happy.} that's an art in it's self. thanks. i'll save a "sCATTER jOY" clothes pin for you. happy heart, suz.

  10. I just loooooooooveeeeee these pictures!!!

    Chel, I manage to translate a few other posts from the Diary of the 3 Musketeers. I really like you to read it (it can explain a little why the blog started - an urgent need to record the father to my 2 little orphans - and how we all dealed with our share of bad things in life).

    If you have some time, go to and search for the icon "english". All the post I've been translating myself (better than the google version... hahaha) are under the "english" button.

    Kisses and blessings.
    Mirys (from Brazil)


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