Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Transplant-iversary!

11 years ago today I was in a hospital bed receiving the long-awaited cord blood transplant that would hopefully, if successful, help rid my body of Leukemia. I do remember that day a bit, mainly because there was such a big fuss over it, but mostly it is just a blur.

Every year on May 16th I like to do a little something to celebrate and acknowledge my transplant anniversary. This year is number 11 which isn't a major milestone number but it sounds lucky doesn't it? And what is luckier than beating cancer, and living another year to enjoy all my life has to offer. At year five, my mom bought me a heart-shaped necklace to commemorate the occasion. Year nine was dinner at Purple Feet. Year ten, my wonderful family threw me a big celebratory party. This year, I just wanted some of my favorite pizza with Brent.

The reason this day is of such importance is it was the day I was given a new life. That transplant was the first step of many which saved my life and the reason I am still alive. I have so much to be thankful for, and I am so happy for the ability to celebrate this anniversary!


  1. Happy eleven year anniversary! I am so glad you are alive and we get to enjoy your magic!

  2. A very happy day! You are an inspiration to all. xo Tammy lee

  3. Big virtual hug to you Chelsea! A wonderful anniversary to celebrate, because life truly is a gift.


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