Saturday, June 18, 2011

Simple Pleasures Saturday #2 (And a Giveaway!!)

Round 2 of Simple Pleasures Saturday! What simple pleasures did you enjoy this week, or right now for that matter? For me....

Having someone else fill my gas tank.
Receiving a wonderful unexpected compliment.
Feeling the sand below my feet at the beach.
A surprise bouquet of tulips.
Eating cake straight from the pan - no plate.
Buying greeting cards.

Speaking of simple pleasures, who doesn't love getting mail? And free stuff? I bought this mug yesterday with all you in mind and I want to give it away to one lucky reader!

:: "Enjoy the simplest pleasures in the everyday." ::

Nice little reminder isn't it? Simply leave a comment telling me the simple things that are currently bringing you joy, or leave a link to a blog post! Giveaway will be open for 1 week until next week's Simple Pleasure Saturdays when I will announce the winner. Have a wonderful Saturday!! ♥


  1. Yay, I'm the first commenter! Love the mug...makes me smile. :) My simple pleasure was out on my walk this morning. Beautiful sunshine, early Saturday morning noises, the quiet of the morning and a puppy who enjoyed it as much as me. Love your blog btw.

  2. My simple pleasure is just watering my garden with the hose. It is quiet, contemplative and my 5 kids leave me alone (for the most part) while I do it!

  3. My simple pleasure is having both my boys home for the summer before they start grad school. They have each been away going to school and exploring life, and I am so happy to have this summer with all four of us under one roof, enjoying the day to day family stuff...simple pleasures every day with my family around me!
    Beautiful mug, it would be a great keepsake of a special time before my adult 'children' move on again!

  4. right now, i'm enjoying my moments in the garden, watering, cleaning up, planting, putzing, playing with my dog! Awesome mug, what a wonderful way to enjoy your coffee to start the day! or to enjoy with a cup of tea before bed : )

  5. My simple pleasures are... swimming in my parents pool, reading books at night when everyone else is sleeping, cuddling with kitty :)

    ahhhh, and ICED TEA!!!


  6. Being home in America...
    Having warm clothes straight from the dryer...
    Living in a city that's sunny everyday...
    Hot chocolate ;)
    Knowing that my friends are only a text or phone call away (when I was in China they were 6,000 miles away) ;)
    Getting a @reply from someone famous... and
    Listening to worship :)

  7. sleeping late, waking only when my body has had enough sleep, no alarms, no school clothes to iron or lunches to make...week days turn into weekends, not caring what day it is...ah, summer..simply summer

  8. I LOVE it when Joe fills up my gas tank! :-) I also like quiet of early morning, first birds singing, and laying on a blanket in the backyard looking up at sky through trees. Have a wonderful day Chelsea! xoxo Susan Branch (I always come up as info and wanted you to know it's me!)

  9. Sipping a hot cup of vanilla tea
    Cuddling with a purring cat
    Early morning walks when the world is still quiet
    An unexpected card in the mail
    Spending time with my grown up daughter and son!


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