Friday, June 24, 2011


This is a little late, but...
June is a fun month because I get to celebrate my dad twice. June 15th is his birthday & father's day is right around the corner. There have been a handful of times the two actually fall on the same day and I have a very specific memory of one these two-in-one years, I was pretty young & our family spent the day at our favorite beach. Someone left & got my dad's favorite gigantic ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon & we sat on the beach devouring them! That's my kind of celebration...decadent food and the beach? Can't go wrong.
For my dad's birthday this year, we cooked him dinner - homemade manicotti, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, salad w/ balsamic reduction & drum roll mounds candy bar-inspired cake! So yummy- chocolate cake with fudge buttercream, shredded coconut & chocolate ganache. We had a great time.

For father's day he was in his element - barbecuing up a feast. He can make magic with a Webber grill, some charcoal & his homemade BBQ sauce. It was a beautiful day, we sat on his rooftop deck with a view of the ocean & ate to our hearts content!!
My dad has a heart of gold and I am lucky to have him, and to be so close to him!! I have so many wonderful memories with home over the years. Growing up, my dad would tell me a "little boy story" every night before I went to bed. He was the best story-teller and he had such good stories of him when we was my age & growing up...and I will never ever forget them ♥
Did you do anything fun for father's day? Any special memories with your dad?


  1. I have a similar situation - my dad's birthday is on the 2nd, followed by Father's Day and then my birthday - we get to celebrate a lot together.

  2. My dad's bday is on the 23rd so we celebrate the too together often! This year we are celebrating tomorrow with a great big BBQ!!!


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