Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mattresses on the Freeway

Today was quite the day. We finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a new mattress. I have never been a great sleeper, but add my back pain to the mix plus a 7 year old mattress & I average only a few hours of interrupted sleep at night. We have been looking around a bit and found one today that we liked for a great deal so we went for it.

But getting it home was not as easy as our decision to purchase the thing. Let me tell you a little story first. When Brent was moving to LA in 2005 to start his physical therapy program, he had a brand new mattress tied to the top of his car. Cruising up the 405 not thinking twice about it, the next thing he knew the mattress set flew off the top of the car & onto the road, the box spring breaking. Luckily they were able to get it off the freeway before any car hit it...but ever since, one corner of the mattress has black highway 405 asphalt stains and scrapes.

So today we were going to make sure this would not happen, we brought ropes...that's enough right? Wrong. Brent did a good job of tying it on but I think we just needed twice as many ropes because we lasted about 1/2 mile on the freeway before we freaked out and pulled off. So we took the coast highway as I had my eyes glued to the side mirror, both of us panicking when the wind was whipping it around on top, the plastic slipping & sliding.

An hour and a half later driving as slow as possible being that annoying slow car, we got home with no broken mattress & slightly higher blood pressure. I better sleep like a baby tonight!

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  1. That made me best friend lost a mattress she bought on craigslist because it flew off on the 520 bridge in Seattle going over Lake Washington. We often wonder if it is still out in the water. :)


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