Saturday, July 23, 2011

Simple Pleasures Saturday #5

Hello & happy Saturday to you! I had a lot of fun creating this image in honor of our little Saturday dates here. Today was a beautiful summer day. I feel bad the rest of the country is having these awful heat waves when it is so pleasant here...anyone suffering the heat should just move in with me temporarily! I have been so busy lately, between work (did I even mention I have a new job?), family events, photography projects, appointments, & working on my new website. But I promise I will be back in my full swing of regular posting soon enough. And it will be bigger & better than stay tuned!

The simple pleasures I am enjoying on this fine Saturday

♥ Having the barista at Starbucks ask me if he spelled "Chelsea" right.
♥ Smiles from strangers.
♥ Buying a new mattress.
♥ Taking the scenic route. Even if it takes twice as long, it is twice as beautiful.
♥ Swimming 5 extra laps than I normally have the strength for.
♥ Me + iced tea + editing photos + music + no distractions.
♥ Trying a new recipe & loving it.

What simple pleasures are you enjoying today? I love to hear what little things are making you happy! ♥

P.S. I had a lot of fun creating postcards with my photos from & have some extras. If anyone would like to receive one in the mail, you can email me your address at

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