Friday, July 29, 2011

A Week in the Life :: Day 4

Day 4 :: July 29, 2011

On Thursdays I normally go to Brent's house first thing in the morning and we have breakfast & coffee, sometimes exercise and just relax until he goes to work. But I am currently so busy between photo projects, working, and other goals I am trying to meet, so I stayed home and got right to work.
It was a very busy all day, but I take 10 minute breaks every hour & during that time I managed to Play Qrank...
...write a few postcards...
...clean out some things from my car...
...make a delicious grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar, tomato, grilled zucchini & jalapeƱo...
...and ate outside in the sun with a hopeful Ella.
By 5:00 I was exhausted. But I went straight into uploading & editing photos. I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately... tending to take on too much at once and push myself to the point of not enough sleep and high stress levels. Brent was planning to meet up with a friend down at the beach to surf, and although I wanted to go I was worn out and kind of crabby. But I knew it would be good for me, and I am so glad I went.
I love big cities, I always have and absolutely loved the time I spend in San Francisco. But especially in the last few years, I have really come to realize just how much I love and need the beach.
I have such fond memories of beach days with my family when I was growing up, I have never lived more than 10 minutes from the Ocean (even when I was in SF), and it is incredibly therapeutic for me.
No matter what mood I am in, the beach always makes me feel so happy and alive - the never-ending beauty, the feeling of walking on wet sand, the sound of crashing waves, the smell of the sticky salty air, and the sunsets.
When we walked down tonight, I immediately felt the stress leave my mind and body and I felt calmer, lighter and happier. The sunset was gorgeous and it seemed to last forever.
♥ ♥ ♥
::Observations:: I base way too many decisions on what I think everyone else wants me to do, and not enough on what I actually want.

::Favorite Moment:: Feeling the incredibly warm ocean wash over my feet.

::Picture of me today:: I call it "no makeup & frizz fest but I don't care"

I hope you had a wonderful day!


  1. Oh Chelsea I'm so glad you went to that beautiful beach and found peace & calm... I know I would just love it too.. Be careful though & don't over do!

    I did put the plant heart up for you on my blog!!

    xoxo Gert

  2. the beach is a wonderful place to relax..there is something about that ocean air that makes everything all good. great photos :)

  3. You are so amazingly beautiful <3

    I know what you mean about the beach. It's like it and I are magnets.

    I want to hear more about your job!

  4. I to *heart* the beach. I have to thank you for my new obsession with qrank, or not!

    thanks for sharing


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