Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Week in the Life :: Day 5

Day 5 :: July 29, 2011

What song I am listening to right now: "Down in the Valley" by The Head and the Heart
[Price of gas]: $3.79/ gallon
[Temperature]: 73 degrees F
[Summary of the day]: Breakfast- cottage cheese with peaches and blueberries. Cappuccino. Work. Lunch - Flatbread pizza. Work. Work. Blog. Phone w/ mom. Shower. 30 minute workout. Walk to the mailbox. Subway. Bonfire. Sleep.
[Top news Headlines (just the first ones I saw)]:
"U.S. Running out of Time for Debt Deal"
"Funerals Following the Norway Attack"
"Apple Grabs 2/3 of Mobile Phone Industry Profits"
"Amy Winehouse's Death: Family Suspects Alcohol Withdrawal"
[Movies released today]: "Cowboys & Aliens" - "Crazy, Stupid, Love" - "The Smurfs"
[Favorite moment]: Singing along to songs at the bonfire. I can't tell you the last time I sang around a fire..probably at camp? It was hilarious and everyone loved it.
[Observation]: Although it is kind of nice being able to work in my pajamas, I think I am more preductive when I am actually showered, dressed, makeup-ified...

A few photos from my day...

::What I woke up to::
::A heart-shaped weed growing out of the parking lot::
::On a roll with Qrank scores::
::Stroll to the mailbox::


  1. What an awesome day!! Yes, somehow I am always more productive when I am dressed and makeup-ified...

    That heart shaped weed is awesome! You know what Billy says about weeds... they are just plants in places you dont want them :) I think that heart is perfect!

  2. looks like a great day. and i love those mangoes from trader joe's!

  3. Wow...what a great day... Love the 'heart weed'...just have to continue are everywhere!!! Boy that bonfire looks like a time!

    xoxo Gert


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