Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Playing Catch Up

A week's worth of Gratitude...
(in no particular order of course)

::Day 5::
I am grateful for my Dad.
My wonderful, talented, warmhearted Dad.
I am grateful for having a father who loves me unconditionally
and who I know would do anything for me.
I am grateful for the bond we share.

::Day 6::
I am grateful for my pets, past & present. This is Bonnie ♥
I am grateful for their unconditional love, and for holding
a special place in my heart.

 ::Day 7::
 I am grateful for coffee & tea. I vacillate between the two, and even though caffeine unfortunately has barely any effect on me, I love the routine of waking up and starting the morning with a hot cup o' something. Mmm yum yum!

::Day 8::
I am grateful for blue jeans. I live in my jeans, and can't imagine not being able to wear them as much as I do...good thing I 
1. work from home, and 
2. can wear almost anything with camera in hand

::Day 9::
 I am so so incredibly grateful that I survived cancer and thankful for how much it has shaped the woman I am today.

::Day 10::
I am grateful for art. I cannot imagine life without it...without creating it, without looking at it... My mom is an artist, now I am an artist, in 2 totally different ways. I am grateful for the artistic genes my mama passed down my way through the gene pool.

 ::Day 11::
I am grateful for this guy. The most kindhearted boyfriend ever.
I am grateful for the support he provides.
I am grateful for having a better half who sticks by me when times are at the absolute worst.
I am grateful for the laughs, the love, and the growth.
And on 11/11/11 I wish for a lifetime of happiness with him.


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