Friday, November 11, 2011

Wishing & Hoping

Looking up, the clock turns to 11:11 and without much thought I make a wish. Again and again this seems to happen, night after night. It began with a friend I grew up with who always made a point to make a wish at this time, and although I never joined her, at some point it seemed to have wiggled its way into my mind. I don't think I even consciously look at the clock at that time but somehow I just happen to glance at my phone, the TV, the clock, right at that moment.

Wishing, dreaming, hoping, crossing our fingers...why not add a little good luck to our lives? We all like to seek good fortune in our own ways and today, on 11/11/11 why not make a wish, just in case?

The fact that it is a once in a lifetime date made me think in general about how moments pass so quickly and then they are gone. But is not everyday a 'once in a lifetime date'? At the end of the day, at the end of a moment, an experience, what we are left with is a memory. But on this day, this day-oh-wishes, I have plenty of wishes but for one, I wish that we can all slow down, live with intention, and remember what it is that makes us happy, making a mental note not to forget them, & making those memories count. It seems to be a very vague wish, this I realize, but something that I try to think about everyday. And so here, on 11/11/11, I wish for your happiness. And because I think the power of positive thinking is absolutely magical, if all of us at 11/11/11 make a collective wish at the same time, it is bound to come true! Happy Friday & cheers to your wishes!

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