Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meet Me for Coffee

For me? I will take a nonfat latte with one pump of vanilla. And you?
Welcome to virtual coffee. What is virtual coffee you ask? Inspired by Amy at Lucky Number 13, it is an online coffee date. Just like a real coffee date I will tell you what is going on in my life and you can comment and do the same. We can vent, laugh, brag, complain, give advice, get advice, gossip, and hang out. These dates are supposed to be on Tuesdays, but I am a little late.
What's up with me you ask? well I will tell you:

If we were meeting for coffee...

...I would ask about your holiday weekend. Then I would tell you about mine.

It was a fun Labor Day weekend, and packed full, but not in a bad way.
{Friday} Brent and I pigged out at Buffalo Wild Wings, a new favorite.
{Saturday} We were invited to the Dodgers-Giants game with friends Ben and Cassie. Not your ordinary game-going experience, this was something special. Cassie's family had tickets for one of those VIP rooms, and the night was filled with one surprise after another. They rented a party bus to drive us to Los Angeles, dropping us right off at the front - no parking lot hiking. Great view of the game, free Dodger hats, but the highlight for me was...yep you guessed it-the food! Unlimited beer, soda, and margaritas, hot dogs, pulled pork, veggies and dip, popcorn, chips & salsa, potato salad, and more, and to top it all off, a dessert cart at the end with caramel apples, cakes, cookies, bags of candy, cheesecake, lemon bars....I was in food heaven. Heaven! Were all so full by the time we left. I felt so lucky to be included in this experience, something I may not get the chance to do again!
{Sunday} we drove out to my parent's house in Fallbrook. Time spent by the pool, entertained for hours by the pets. In case you don't know, they have 4 dogs-Gus the Boxer, Bonnie and Clyde the Bull Mastiffs, and Tucker the American Bulldog. Plus 2 cats, Boone and Emma.
{This is Boone}
{This is Emma, she eats anything and everything, and loves roses}
Let's not forget the food! To me, my mom's cooking is like a big hug - comforting, familiar, inviting. I had been craving ribs for a long time, she made ribs with a cherry coke bbq sauce - amazzzzing! Paired with corn on the cob and a wedge salad. Oh yeah, and chocolate cake.
Brent, my mom and I went for a walk at one point and wanted to pick some tangerines from a neighbor's tree. They were all just too high for us to reach, so I volunteered to climb the tree and pick some. Climbing up like a little monkey, with ants crawling on me and losing my flip-flops, but those suckers are delicious!

If we were meeting for coffee I would also tell you that....

Tuesday I started aquatic therapy and loved it. I really like my therapist, and I am just so comfortable in a pool. Even after the first session I really think it will be good for me and hope I get a lot out of it.

My Food Network magazine came yesterday, such a treat!


  1. Hi Chelsea! Tanks so much for joining in for coffee this week. I just love reading what everyone has to say! The game sounds like lots of fun and I have to say I am jealous of the tangerines. I don't think I have ever seen a tangerine tree in real life! : )
    Hope to see you for coffee again next week!

  2. Hi Chelsea! That picture of your cat Emma is too funny. :) Have a nice weekend!

  3. I love that magazine, only looked at it a few times, glad you get it!


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