Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Week in the Life: Day 6

Day 6 :: July 30, 2011
Saturdays...yay for Saturdays. It is pretty nice having my own personal barista, it is even better than a coffee shop! I worked a bit on photo editing, blogging etc. while we enjoyed our coffee & breakfast.
Our friends Jordan and Kaitlin invited us to the beach. When they picked us up, Kaitlin brought us a box of salt water taffy from her family reunion to Delaware last week, one of my favorite things in this world to eat.
We went to Trails 1 at San Onofre. It is a state park so the beaches usually aren't as packed as a public beach. You have to hike down a huge hill before you get there but it is completely worth it. Jordan and Kaitlin and Brent surfed while I took photos, hunted for treasures, and soaked up the sun - yay for summer!
After the beach we went to a Mexican taco stand in Dana Point called Aurora's. On the weekends they barbecue whole chickens and for $6 you can get half a chicken, beans, rice, tortillas and salsa. We were all so hungry, we just sat in silence as we blissfully scarfed down our food. I never ever drink soda, but I had a sip of this ice cold, from the bottle Coca-Cola and it was so refreshing!
We rushed home, showered and prettied up a bit then had a drink with Brent's parents and some of their family who were in town.
We had planned to see a movie but after sun and wine, I was exhausted. So a little snack and cappuccino and I was ready to go!
We saw the final Harry Potter and both loved it. I think did such a great job with the whole series and this last one may have been my favorite of them all, even if it did scare me a bit :)
[Observation]: It is amazing to look at this day and see how much I did. If you have followed my blog at all, you know how much of a problem I have had with chronic pain and a year ago there is no way I could have even sat through a full movie. Not only did I sit through a 2 hour movie but I hiked up and down a steep hill, did a lot of walking and sitting in the car. I still have really difficult days with pain and exhaustion but I finally feel things are moving in the right direction. Over the last few months I have finally had relief with the severity of my pain, allowing me to be more active, spend more time with friends and family, and I am so much happier because of it. The hardest parts of being in pain 24/7 was the feeling of not being able to do what I wanted when I wanted to do it, having pain completely control my life, putting on a happy face so I wouldn't make others feel as miserable as I did, and feeling like none of it would never ever get better. But after 3 years of debilitating back pain, finally getting some relief is absolutely incredible. I feel so fortunate to be alive, so fortunate to have the amazing support from my family and unending patience and understanding from my boyfriend. I truly believe I am supposed to use my story and health history to help others, and this is just all part of that story.
[Favorite part of the day]: Reflecting on the above.
♥ ♥ ♥
Happy Saturday!

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  1. What an absolutely amazing saturday!!! I love it all and am totally jealous!


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