Monday, August 1, 2011

A Week in the Life: Day 7 - The End

What a way to end the week. Brent's parents bought the family tickets to see Shrek the Musical at the Pantages theater in Los Angeles as a Christmas present. We marked it on the calendar back in December and here we are - half a year later! All of my pictures today were taken on my phone so I wouldn't kicked out of the theater with my big girl camera, and decided to keep things cohesive. We awoke to unexpected yet welcomed rain and by 9:00 we left the house and all drove up to L.A.
Took some photos along the way which I immediately regretted due to the fact that I get motion sick very easily...just looking down for a minute will make me nauseous. No bueno.
We had reservations for a cute little restaurant called Off Vine just a block off of Sunset Blvd.
It was a really cute house-turned-restaurant with a nice outside patio and good food.
Bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys,
Cinnamon bunletts (yes bunletts)
and a wide variety of brunch yumminess to fit everyone's taste buds. Twist my arm why don't ya!
Kind of funny, I have lived in California my entire life, never more than a few hours from L.A. but have never once been to Hollywood! We didn't spend really any time exploring, but someday I will - someday.
Shrek was a great show. It was so light and fun with incredibly impressive makeup, costumes, singing and acting. The Pantages was a beautiful theater, so ornate and sparkly on the inside.
We finally got back to town around 6:00 and made a quick stop at the store to pick up dinner.
A nice summery meal, grilled pesto chicken sandwiches and potato salad.
A few hours to relax, then bed.

♥ ♥ ♥
It is amazing how fast one week can go by. I took on this Week in the Life Project very last minute, knowing that I already had way too much on my plate but something told me to go for it. And even though the process was a bit time consuming, it almost slowed things down. It unintentionally turned into a week of reflection through focusing on every moment and feeling, learning some things about myself and feeling so lucky to have what I have. It will be interesting to do this project again and see what, if anything has changed. One thing I really thought about was priorities and what long-term goals I am striving toward in my life, many of which are already a reality:

♥To be happy
♥To enjoy my profession
♥To be in a loving relationship
♥To have passions and incorporate them in my life
♥Stay in touch with friends
♥Document it all
♥Finish my college degree
♥See my family often
♥Make a difference
♥Help others
♥Share my story
♥Find beauty and share it
♥Laugh and smile often
♥Live in the moment and not worry so much about the future

I am so glad I chose to participate, but I am happy to have one less thing to do each day!
To see what you missed, here was the rest of my week:

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